Podcast Sydney Torres – Balance Health

Welcome to Balance Health Now Podcast Never give up please!! Having hope is the fuel that will get you to where you need to be. Hope equals miracles that are waiting to be revealed. In this episode, Dr. Petra Frese speaks about the journey of healing and balancing body, mind, soul and spirit. When all these aspects are in balance and we are living in alignment with our soul's plan, then we can fulfill our purpose and live happily. Fighting against an illness will not make us win. Fighting FOR health will lead to success! My special guest Dr. Petra a scientist turned spiritual healer, is an expert in brain health science and peak mental performance. After her multiple Near-Death Experiences, which dramatically widened her horizon and views on life, she integrated her spiritual insights into her science-based coaching practice. She became a healer and has dedicated her life to assisting others to heal from trauma, accessing their full brainpower, and living in alignment with their soul’s purpose. Petra is the founder of Peak Mind Academy and Lehigh Valley Hypnosis LLC, serving clients around the globe. She is the award-winning author of two bestselling books and earned the Excellence in Hypnosis Award 2020. Born in Germany, influenced by her time living in Switzerland, where she founded her first company and also served as a firefighter, Petra is a passionate mother and wife living in Pennsylvania, USA, today. Her motto: “Science plus Wisdom is LOVE.” NEED HELP NOT SURE WHERE TO START?