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Dr. Petra Frese, with dual PhDs in Psychology and Masters in Engineering, is a distinguished expert bridging science and spirituality. Her multiple profound near-death experiences amplify her academic qualifications, enabling her to offer unique, personalized guidance.

As a former firefighter helping others in immediate, life-threatening situations, trusted psychic medium, and healer with notable academic accomplishments, she works with high achievers seeking to align with their soul's purpose, enhancing their professional and personal lives with deep, insightful sessions so that they can make an even greater impact.

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The Intuitive Scientist

A scientist turned into
spiritual healer

In English and German, she'll help you heal from past traumas, gain newfound confidence, and access your full brain power.

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The Intuitive Scientist

Elevate Your Life with
Dr. Petra's Guidance

Dr. Petra Frese is a visionary bridging science and spirituality. With dual PhDs in Psychology and expertise in Engineering and Human Genetics, she blends scientific acumen with spiritual insight to empower individuals.

Her mission is to guide high achievers in overcoming obstacles, unlocking their full potential, and achieving personal and professional goals. Dr. Petra offers tailored services in mental coaching, hypnosis, neuro-encoding, corporate coaching, energy healing, and spiritual guidance. 

By tapping into the subconscious and leveraging the brain's potential, she facilitates profound change. Services are available in English and German. Join Dr. Petra on a transformative journey to clarity, healing, and boundless success.

Why Consult with Dr. Petra

you can literally change the world just by changing yourself

Dr. Petra helps high achievers to reprogram and love their brains and use the full capacity of their minds so that they can create the life they want and attain the eminent impact they are destined to make.

Unlock Your Full Potential

Dr. Petra empowers you to tap into your inner strength and realize your untapped potential.

Lasting Transformation

Dr. Petra's holistic approach facilitates deep, positive change.

Elevate Leadership

Corporate coaching enhances leadership skills, boosting team performance and talent retention.

Overcome Obstacles

Get personalized guidance to conquer challenges in health, finances, relationships, and more.

Access Subconscious Solutions

Hypnosis helps uncover and address root causes of mental and physical issues.

Fulfill Your Purpose

Spiritual guidance reconnects you with your higher purpose, enabling you to make a significant impact.

Restore Balance

Energy healing techniques bring harmony to your body and soul.

Personalized Approach

Dr. Petra tailors her guidance to meet your unique needs, ensuring your success and fulfillment.

Speed Up Progress

Neuro-Encoding translates your goals into the brain's language for faster results.

Multilingual Support

Services available in both English and German.

Dr. Petra´s Literary Legacy

Explore her
transformative books

Your Script for Hope

Discover how Dr. Petra Frese, a scientist and hypnotherapist, offers a lifeline to those facing devastating diagnosis.

Your Script for Intimacy

Discover the secrets to reigniting intimacy and saving your marriage with Dr. Petra Frese's expert guidance.

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